Pope harshly criticized the global economy

Pope harshly criticized the global economy

Pope Francis believes that the coronavirus pandemic has proven that the “magic theories” of market capitalism have failed and the world needs a new type of politics that encourages dialogue and solidarity and rejects any manifestation of war..

Pope harshly criticized the global economy

Pope Francis on Sunday he outlined his own vision of the world, combining the main elements of his social teaching in a new encyclical aimed at reviving a sense of universal human unity. The bishop’s work was named «Fratelli Tutti» (We are all brothers).

This document draws its inspiration from the teachings of Saint Francis and the Pope’s previous sermons on injustice of the global economy and its negative role in the life of the entire planet. He calls on the inhabitants of the earth to unite to resist «dark clouds hanging over the world».

In the encyclical, Francis even rejected the Catholic Church’s own doctrine justifying war as a means of legitimate defense, claiming that it had been too widely applied over the centuries and was no longer viable..

«Nowadays, it is no longer appropriate to refer to rational criteria developed centuries ago to talk about the possibility "just war"», – says Francis.

The Pope began writing the encyclical, the third part of his pontificate, even before the emergence of Covid-19, and his gloomy prediction of a split in the world community goes far beyond the problems caused by the pandemic.. However, he believes that it was she who strengthened his conviction that the current political and economic institutions must be reformed to meet the legitimate needs of the people..

«In addition to the different countries responding to the crisis in different ways, their inability to work together has become overwhelming.», – writes Francis. 

He described the massive loss of millions of jobs as a testament to the need for politicians to listen to the people, trade unions and ordinary workers to design a fairer social and economic structure..

«The pandemic has clearly demonstrated that not everything can be solved with market freedom. It is imperative to have proactive economic policies that promote economies that foster productive diversity and business creativity, and that create jobs rather than reduce them.», – noted the bishop.

Francis rejected the concept of absolute ownership for individuals, emphasizing instead «social purpose» and the common good that must come from the sharing of the Earth’s resources. In his opinion, the global economy is perverted, and is aimed at enriching specific individuals, while leaving billions of people below the poverty line..

Francis’s English-speaking biographer Austin Ivery said that the new encyclical, like the two previous works, represents the final part of the cycle of papal teachings and may well be the last in the history of the pontificate.

«There is no doubt that these three documents will be considered the basis of the teachings of the era of Francis.», – wrote by Ivery in Commonweal magazine.

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