Bayer gets US marketing authorization for controversial weed killer

Bayer gets US marketing authorization for controversial weed killer

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said it would allow farmers to spray crops with weed control agents based on the chemical herbicide dicamba, sold by Bayer AG and others. In June, the US Court of Appeals blocked the sale of such products in the country..

The decision prompts Bayer, which has been attacked by lawsuits related to various chemicals in the United States since the acquisition of Monsanto in 2018.. Experts believe that this is another example of how the administration Donald Trump preferred business interests over the law, just a week before the presidential election.

EPA re-approved use of Bayer herbicide&# 39; s XtendiMax for five years. Popular dicamba-based product sprayed on soybeans and cotton is genetically modified. 

The agency also reapproved the herbicide project from Engenia and extended approval to Syngenta..

Environmental groups have pushed for a ban on dicamba products, claiming they harm nearby plants and wildlife.

A panel of three judges from the US District Court of Appeals agreed with the environmentalists’ position and ruled this summer that the EPA was significantly downplaying the risks associated with the use of dicamba.. The ruling also blocked the sale of CTVA Engenia and Corteva Agriscience.

However, a recent EPA ruling overturns the court’s ruling, experts said..

«Rather than assessing the significant cost of dicamba damage, as required by county law, the EPA rushed to side with the manufacturers business just ahead of the election.», – said George Kimbrell, Legal Director of the Center for Food Security.

Bayer and farming groups praise the agency’s decision.

Bayer estimates about 60% of this year’s U.S. soybean crop will be planted by Bayer Xtend. These fields need to be sprayed with herbicide to repel weeds that have developed immunity to another chemical, glyphosate..

EPA Says It Will Set A June 30 Deadline For Farmers To Spray Dicamba On Soybeans And Cotton.

Bayer gets US marketing authorization for controversial weed killer

Farmers will not be able to spray dicamba within almost a hundred meters of areas where certain plant species are found. The EPA will also require users to mix dicamba with another product known as «PH Buffer Reagent», to prevent spraying dicamba.

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