About Us

Blockchain is a technology that provides true, peer-to-peer transfer of value. It removes the need to trust intermediaries and third parties to verify validity of transactions.

The Internet was the breakthrough technology that provided true, peer-to-peer transfer of information. It removed the requirement for intermediaries such as radio stations, TV channels, newspapers and magazines to expose your information to others.

The removal of centralised intermediaries for peer-to-peer transfer of information, which created large bottlenecks and inefficiencies, resulted in the paradigm shift of people’s lives and our society that we have seen in the last 20 years.

As Blockchain technology also removes the need for intermediaries, but for transfer of value, it demonstrates incredible potential to create a paradigm shift in how our lives and how society will work in the future.

We, at Adelaide Blockchain, are compelled by the technology, and wish to empower individuals to participate in the potential once-in-a-generation opportunity to truly shape our society.

What We Do

Research and Development

We aim to build projects and do research with cutting-edge blockchain and crypto technologies within an open-source platform. With the help of external resources and influences within the blockchain space, these projects will enable members to apply their knowledge into tangible projects.


Through hosting tech talks, developer tutorials, workshops, running social events and more, we aim to engage students and enthuasiasts in order to instill the technical and developmental know how needed to participate in the rapidly growing blockchain industry.

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